all you need to know about joining a yoga class at Upala 

yoga etiquette. about the studio. where to park. even where to go grab a cup of coffee after your yoga class! 


The benefits of yoga are available to everyone, regardless of age, mobility, or experience. 



Honor. Your. Body. Only you know how a posture feels in your body. If something is uncomfortable or painful, listen to the signs that your body gives you!


Technology is wonderful (and so necessary!) however, at Upala, we are as “unplugged” as possible. Please let your teacher know if there are extenuating circumstances that require you to maintain access to your phone. If so, please place it on vibrate to be respectful to the rest of the students in the class. 


When you enter class leave your worries, to-do lists, troubles (and shoes!) at the door, sit or lay quietly on your mat, and gently stretch if you wish. 


Take this time to discover more about you! 

what to bring to class. 

hydration. a yoga mat. yourself. 

bare feet only please

when you should arrive. 

when attending a yoga class, arrive approx. 5 minutes before the class start time if you are already registered with Upala Yoga & Wellness Arts. 


 10 minutes before if you have never attended or know you need to update your payment information, make a purchase, buy a class card, etc.


 quietly arrive + check the sign on the door to see if it says "come on in" or "class in progress". Please quietly wait until the teacher welcomes the next class.

20 North Main Street Rochester New Hampshire 


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